Frank "The Tank" Giorgio

My journey at 212 Health and Performance began in the fall on 2010, when the assistant pro at our golf club organized an 8 week program at the then Punch Gym in Rumford Center.  The program involved something about kettlebells and dynamic stretching, neither of which I knew anything about. During that 8 week period I met Kerry and started to become familiar with the gym and some of the movements.

After that “intro” program, I was feeling pretty confident, thinking “I can do this; it’s not that big a deal, I’m in good shape for my age”.  So, I signed up for a 6 month small group membership.  Then the fun really began.  

 I started working one on one with Kerry, and I basically thought I was going to die. I could barely get through half a session without feeling nauseous and dizzy. Most of our sessions that first year ended early with Kerry saying “Done” and just about lifting me off the ground.  So much for me being in shape; actually, as a former college athlete, it was pretty embarrassing!!   Many days I just wanted to quit, but Kerry would keep after me, saying, “No, you can do this, don’t quit, and just keep getting a little better each time”.  Truthfully, I wasn’t sure if I believed him!!

After a while, however, it started to take hold, and I began to get through a whole workout without a dizzy spell.  Soon thereafter, I started working out in small classes with both Sean and Colin, and the progress I was making continued to build upon itself.  Suddenly, I was feeling better during and after the workouts, had more energy during the day, and was looking to do more and more in the classes.  Jumping on boxes, lunges, sledding, PULL UPS!!!!  Fast forward to today, I am at 212 almost every weekday morning, 3 small classes a week, Rocking Ropes with Aura every Tuesday (everyone should try this class!!!) and the new HIIT class on Thursday mornings.   

 As I mentioned, I joined 212 as part of a program with my golf club, where one of my issues was being absolutely exhausted after playing 18 holes, to the point of not being able to do anything afterward but take a nap.  Now, 4 years later (and older, mind you), I not only walked when I played 18 holes last weekend,  but I then went for a bike ride with my wife, and after that did some yard work.  Can you say ENERGIZED?  That would not have happened 4 years ago.

I do love coming to 212, I look forward to working with Sean and Colin (really all the team).   Each workout is different and challenging, which keeps it fresh and interesting. Colin and Sean are very good at pushing me to do more than I think I can, and they are just about always right. The instruction and explanation of what we are doing in each exercise, as well as the focused oversight while you are performing the exercises is just outstanding. I would never lift another weight without the 212 team there to help me do it correctly.

The other members at 212 that I have met are great people, and I am now friends with many of them.  I look forward to seeing and working out with them, encouraging each other to achieve our fitness goals together.  Plus, they all seem not mind too much when I grunt and groan loudly throughout our workouts, which I have a tendency to do!

To close, Kerry and his team have built an incredible atmosphere at 212, and both myself and my wife Jean are so happy we made the choice to be part of the 212 family, even if I do have to hear from Kerry about how bad my J-E-T-S are every Monday morning in the fall!!!