Steve Decoteaux

For about a year and a half before joining 212, I was experiencing lower back pain. I made visits to my chiropractor a few times a week, but wasn't getting any relief. My chiropractor suggested I go ahead and start exercising instead of waiting for my back to get better. 

I had already been going over some gym choices. The traditional "workout" I had done ten years ago made me look good (yeah, that was ten years ago), but it required a personal trainer and was time consuming and expensive. After an hour of weights we still hadn't covered any aerobics. 

A 212 member's sister whose opinion I value recommended 212. She told me her brother and a friend were absolutely sold on it. It also happened to be in an excellent location relative to where I live and work. 

I made the appointment. Colin took me through some "strange" exercises. Not yet convinced this was for me, I continued going for another month. I found that I enjoyed exercising with others in a class. It was fun and motivating.

Joining 212 has proved to be one of the best choices I have ever made. My back pain is virtually gone and my cholesterol levels are in a healthy range, down 70 points without medication. I have made diet changes which, for me, is an integral component of my health and fitness goals. 

I faithfully attend classes now for a little more than a year. This is the longest I have stayed with an exercise program. I'm truly grateful for the staff of comical, warm and passionate professionals who are 212 Health and Performance.