Paul Andrade

"I got this" was something I used to say a lot about my body and where I was. First, thank you to the amazing family at 212. A special thank you to Kerry. You're not just a great trainer, you're someone that a lot of people look up to and are very thankful to. You give people life again...well you did for me at least. Your heart and time you put into everyone everyday is unheard of.I don't know how you do it, but thank you!

 "I got this." I'll get a treadmill and run everyday. No problem coming from someone who used to do double sessions in the summer when I was playing football. A treadmill everyday. Right. Wrong. Boring. I gave that up fast. Don't know what I was thinking. I used it at times, even to today, but it was not a good plan when I want to lose 100lbs. I texted Kerry again as I was a member of Punch Gym a few years back. I said, "Kerry, I need another kick in the ass again. I need you back. Yes, I said that about another man and I'm okay with it."

I've always been a big guy- 6'2" and I played football. The biggest regret of my life was not taking my size and ability to play the game into college, so I used my competitor edge in the gym, work and in golf. The gym is the greatest getaway I have. Being in there, getting told what to do by another man my size, believe it or not, is where and what I enjoy. I've done things I haven't done in years. I am down 10 inches in my waist and almost 100lbs. I'll hit 100lbs by mid September, and at that time, I will get payback and get to train Kerry for an hour.

One thing I learned, and Kerry always asks me, what are you eating? Outside the gym is 75% of your results. I worked a hard retail management job for many many years. My eating habits were awful- eating late, going 10+ hours without eating, and so on. I am now a branch manager. I run a bank and my work/life balance is a million times better so the gym and eating and everything else got better too.

I am much happier with myself, how I feel, and how I am able to do a lot of things I hated and couldn't do before. Every time I walk into the gym thinking, this is going to hurt...and it does, but I leave every time thinking that was so worth it. I am the strongest I have ever been and I am 2 sizes away from my high school size. Running, I don't mind as much now, especially since it started with going to the near dumpster, then far dumpster, now around the entire block! What's next Kerry?? I am very thankful for 212 and the team. Once again, thank you!

Last words, I'd rather look back at my life and say, "I can't believe I did that," rather than "I wish I did that."