Bob Evans

I can't say enough about how 212 has helped me achieve my goals as a professional wrestler. I started my comeback in 2009, but had hit a plateau after a year. My friend Sean St. Onge, a fellow wrestler whom I had trained, introduced me to Kerry Taylor. I was impressed by the training, but was extremely humbled. I had to learn how to work out a brand new way. 

It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. But, I swore, after years of hacking around at "the gym" I was going to see this through. 

Six weeks into my 212 training I was already seeing results. I aced a tryout at Ring of Honor Wrestling and after several more months, was working as a ringside personality. Working as a sidekick was fun, but I wasn't getting any in-ring action. I said to myself in November of 2011 that I would wrestle for Ring of Honor in 2012. On May 18, with great training, love, and support from the 212 staff and my teammates, I appeared on Ring of Honor TV in a match, and I'm scheduled for at least 2 more during the summer. 

I would have never come close to my goals without the help of everyone here. I'm stronger, in the best shape of my life, and can hang in there with some best wrestlers in the world. 

212 saved my career.