Can I try the gym before I become a member?

Yes. We offer a Free Orientation that lets you get a feel for our training techniques and tools. You may participate with no risk or obligation before you decide to become a member. We also offer a one visit Workshop that gives a little more in depth training, as well as a short term 5 Week Essentials Course. Joining a gym is a big decision so we want to make sure you have ample opportunity to see what we have to offer before making any type of commitment.  

Do I have to sign up for a year?

No. We have short term and long term options to fit everyone’s needs. If you are committed to fitness and want to save a little money, then our regular annual membership is the option for you.

Can I get a deal of any type?

We pride ourselves on treating every single member the same every single time. Therefore, we don’t make individual deals.

How do I get started?

It’s simple. Call the gym, or stop by and any of our team members can help you schedule your Orientation and Workshop. Already done that? We are always here to help you choose the right membership for you. 

Do I have any other payment options?

You may pay monthly with our 3, 6 or 12 month plans, or use the gym on a pay-by-visit basis. We also offer several methods of payments including EFT or credit card. 

Can I come in any time I want?

Yes. During normal gym hours, whenever there is no class, we have Open Gym. Feel free to drop in to do your own workout. Need help? Just let us know you’re coming and a coach will write up a workout for you! We’re always here to help and answer questions. 

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes. If you are going away, get sick, or are experiencing financial troubles, you have the option to suspend your membership. This puts it on hold, at no charge, for a period of up to 3 months at a time. The time will then be added to the overall length of your membership so you don’t miss out on that time. 

How do I book my training sessions?

Our coaches are available via personal phone and email. However, you may also call the gym, book online, or stop by the desk to schedule your sessions. 

Who keeps track of my training sessions?

We do. When you sign up for your membership, we allot you a certain number of sessions to be used throughout your membership term. Each time you schedule and sign in for your appointment, one session is deducted. 

How do I sign in for my training appointment?

If you have an appointment with a coach, after checking in, please initial next to your appointment on the printed schedule located on the desk. 

How do I cancel my training appointment?

If you need to cancel your training appointment, we ask for the courtesy of at least 24 hours advanced notice. If you do not give at least 24 hours notice, you will forfeit your session. We do ask for your consideration of your coach’s time in giving him/her notice. We recommend you contact your coach directly, however, you may also call the gym to cancel an appointment. We will make sure your coach gets the message.



I’ve never worked with kettlebells before, will I fit in?

Absolutely! Our coaches bring each member through a very specific progression training that will teach you the proper form and techniques on working with all of our tools. Once your coach  “passes“ you, you will be ready to progress into a class environment. 

Do I have to have a card to check in?

We will issue you a membership card that makes checking in much easier and faster. If you forget your card, please stop by the desk and we will check you in manually. 

Do you have showers?

We sure do. Feel free to bring your things (including a towel) to shower after your workout.

Do I have to register for classes?

Advanced registration is strongly recommended for our Boxing classes as that is limited to 16. Other than that, no. Simply arrive a few minutes before the designated class time to join in. 

How do I know which classes to take?

If you have questions on classes best suited for your level and ability, please ask one of our coaches. Most classes are modified to accept all levels. However, if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to ask!

What are classes like?

See our class descriptions.