Tips to Stay in Shape While Traveling

by Kerry Taylor

With holiday season underway comes a lot of travel and excuses…I mean…reasons as to why we can’t stay the course with our fitness journey. I’m here to tell you if you can carve out a few minutes while you’re away, you can keep yourself on course. It may not be your perfect little gym, but here are 4 ways to keep your level of fitness up.

Invest in some bands

There are all types of bands out there on the market. Bands are great because you can do just about anything with them. You can add resistance to a simple push up or squat in no time. Get in some deadlifts, curls and tricep extensions in a matter of seconds with a quick adjustment. If I haven’t convinced you yet, you can use the bands to stretch that body out as well. There is so much you can do, and it could fit in your pocket or travel bag with no problem. (Check out some more ideas here: )

Grab a Kettlebell

Depending on where you’re heading, you can throw your bell in your backseat or trunk of your car. This little gym tool can service almost all your needs for training. Get your heart rate up, build strength, and help with your flexibility.

Try some shadow boxing

One of my new favorite things to do is box. I know you may be thinking, well I need gloves and a heavy bag or mitts to hit. In actuality, all you need is your body, some creativity, and you’re good to go. Shadow boxing is throwing out a series of combinations into the air, add some footwork and maybe some body weight drills, and there you have it. Start to learn your basic punches and give your best Creed impression. You can create a helluva workout in 20 minutes or less, and after you’re done, you will feel like a badass.

Use your body

Employ the tool you always have with you, your body. Therefore you can’t use, ”I couldn’t get to the gym” as an excuse to not workout. Check out this simple workout you can do anywhere.

 Use a suspension system

You can find many different versions of these around. They are a great tool to allow you to do even more with your body. You can use them in your hotel room by latching it in to a door. Take it to a park or running path and loop it around a pull up bar or tree, and you’re good to go.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas of what you can do when you’re hit with some travel. Keep up the great work. Until next time, continue to live a life 1 degree above the rest.