Deep Random Thoughts

by Sean St. Onge

Want to make small improvement to your general recovery? Use Tumeric. Try it on eggs.

The next dog down I want to name Wonder Mutt or Hose Head. Yes, just like the ones from Strange Brew and Summer School.

My Golden Retriever's name is Zoey, I occasionally call out to her as "Chewy" and I am still looking for a Bandolier to put on her. Then the process will be complete. (Get it? Chewy? Bandolier? CHEWBACCA) Simply so I can come home and say, "Easy Chewy..."

What if the Matrix movies were true? And every time you saw something that gave you DejaVu you would have to wonder, "What are they switching in the programming?"

Coconut oil is very inexpensive (try Ocean State Job Lot if in the New England area). It is rich in omega fatty acids which help with memory, aids in weight loss as it has no saturated fat, helps speed up metabolism, and has a much higher smoking point than olive oil. Use it when cooking those eggs with Tumeric!

Imagine if spiders worked out and in their program they have to do unilateral work.  Bulgarian Split Squats would really suck. Be thankful you don't have 8 legs. 

Utilize thick grips for better overall health, but to decrease chances for high blood pressure and stroke.

Take more fish oil. Or just ummm EAT MORE FISH. Better for fatty tissue and brain health.

It's only gross to pick your nose and to eat it. The way I see it, think about it, you're unblocking a passageway to get air through to your lungs. You clean your ears right? Why is it okay to clear wax from blocking sound to your cerebellum, but not boogs from your nose to get more air in?? Boom. Problem solved.

As a kid, whenever I watched Thundercats, I often wondered if Lion-O's glove was smelly. It seemed like it would be. He was a massively sweaty large cat. 

I like to utilize Athletic Greens at night to build satiety for late night snacking and an extra sourcing of veggies is always best.

Try using Concentrating Cherry Juice 30 minutes before bed as a sleep aid (also good for Gout). It has natural melatonin without the groggy wake up.

Drink water...but if you need more guidance, try this out.

I am a big fan of people lifting heavy things. Also, you can have better mobility and quality of movement by foam rolling daily. Cross your t's and dot your lower case j's by rolling your entire body. The easiest way to assess yourself is to literally check all the systems. Find the rough areas and go slow over them. Going fast and rushing can excite the area and muscle.