Why Peeps Be Hatin'?

by Sean St. Onge


My anti-manifesto / Jerry Macguire moment is now! 

Why do trainers and coaches all aspire to only train elite athletes?? Does it escape them that elite athletes are normal people that just are physically gifted and lucky to be paid ridiculously for playing games? 

Does it escape them that elite athletes are normal humans that are whiny, often late, injury-plagued, fun-loving, quirky, and share all the similar traits with those that are not playing sports and being paid for it? 

Does it escape them that there are fewer elite athletes in the country, state, world etc. than there are "average Joes" and "average Janes?" 

To me, there has never really been a big jaw dropping, exciting star-struck moment. The occasional Red Sox player may cause that, but that's only because the Sox are the tops in my sports world. But, seriously. Why, when asked, is it so cool to trainers and coaches to work with athletes? Elite ones even?I know some pretty elite "regular" clients that do some amazing and elite things. But, they are mail carriers, CPAs, Vice President,. stay at home moms, teachers, artists, business entrepreneurs, etc. Again, what is the buzz? Because they may listen better or be more focused and not have "baggage" of everyday life stressors ? Because they are "already in shape" and just need "specific programming?" Don't these athletes live in a similar situation and have the same stressors when they are not being asked to perform on or off the field?

I guess I just don't get it because I do not discriminate. I realize people's goals can be achieved regardless of their lifestyles and occupations. If I have "average" Joe Jones that works in an office all day who was an athlete in college, has two kids, a wife and mortgage whom wants to be in the shape he was in college, I have to take all of that, including schedule, genes, and lifestyle into account as I build a program best suited for him. How much different is that from an athlete that trains lighter during the season as they play their sport? They also have homes. Families. Side jobs, some. Doesn't seem like too much difference. Is it a money thing? They can charge them more? I guess I hope these trainers are good enough to do so. What about the average Joe? If this trainer is good enough to demand and command his/her own salary or rate for great service, who's to say that the average person can't afford you? 

What ever happened to humans helping humans? 

Sport-specific training has been debunked in recent years by many of the larger fitness populous. So, if that's true, then what is the big draw for athletes to come specifically to said trainer? It shouldn't come down to anything more than to being a good person and knowledgeable. Being attentive. Being great at your knowledge and people skills to offer tremendous service. Service. Humans. Helping humans all via great service. Let's all get back to the real problems. Let's help fix everyone from the athletes that are elite and paid to entertain us, to the mail carriers, teachers, stay at home parents, business entrepreneurs, artists and all the people that pay your bills for....your time and great service.