How hard is it to find a color?


Who would've thought that finding paint would be so difficult?  There are so many brands out there and so many colors, but yet the color I wanted was so difficult to find.  Then when you do finally find it, the paint brand isn't the best.  Let's just say, water color is not meant for walls and four coats later, it's still not covering.  So now the search begins, website to website, store to store, brand to brand.  Finally, at Home Depot, the right person happened to be there at the right time.  He was able to figure out the right mixture to create the color that I wanted.  But of course, it was done by accident, so the new challenge was to mimic the accidental color...and HOT DAMN!, He was able to figure it out.  Thank you Mike and partner for your 90 minute efforts in creating the color "Tennis Anyone?".